6 Best Global Ecommerce Platforms with SEO-Friendly Features


Wondering how to Improve your Search Engine Optimization? Check out these 6 best global ecommerce platforms with SEO-friendly features!


Whether you are building a web presence for your store, launching a new product, starting a dropshipping business or trying to sell online, you can a big problem to solve – how do you get potential customers to find your website and purchase your products. The online purchasers who find your online store in Google and other search engines are looking for items like yours and they are more likely to buy something.

If you are wondering how to improve your search engine optimization and expand to global markets we have the perfect solution for you – global ecommerce platforms with SEO-friendly features. Here we present you some of the best options to consider:

  1. Magento: This ecommerce platform is amongst the most widely used solutions for building online stores. Magento allows customization of URLs which is a huge advantage. This open-source ecommerce platform has several built-in features that enable advanced SEO modifications.
  2. OSCommerce: This is another great option for all current and future business owners to take into consideration. This platform is equipped with plug-in facilities, superior documentation, and it is tool-rich. OSCommerce allows you to optimize your web pages for search engines.
  3. OpenCart: Another open-source ecommerce solution. You can download and use OpenCart for free. For startup businesses or stores with a limited online marketing experience, using this option is cost-saving. By using this platform, you can create custom products and category meta tags.
  4. Zen Cart: A popular ecommerce solution among retailers who are relatively new to online selling. It is definitely worth considering.
  5. KartRocket: When compared to other ecommerce platforms on this list, this is not the most popular choice, however, it comes with extensive SEO features which makes it a great option to consider. It is best suited for homepreneurs and startups. The flexibility of this ecommerce solution is one of its greatest advantages. It comes with the latest SEO features including category-specific settings, store specific settings, search engine sitemap generator, and more.
  6. Shopify: This is definitely, one of the best ecommerce solutions in terms of expanding to international markets and SEO-features. Ecommerce solution Shopify comes with SEO-friendly features that will help you optimize your Shopify website structure, improve the user experience, optimize your Shopify product pages, build links to your store, use the best Shopify SEO applications and tools, and rank higher with content marketing.

Choosing a platform depends on your needs, goals, and preferences!

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